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"Jesus said to his disciples: 'Be watchful! Be alert!'" (Mk 13:33)

Wednesday, March 29th: Be Reconciled Day

Examination of Conscience

► When was my last good Confession? Did I receive Holy Communion or other sacraments in the state of mortal sin? Did I intentionally fail to confess some mortal sin in my previous Confession?

► Did I seriously doubt my faith or put myself in danger of losing my faith through readings hostile to Catholic teachings or involvement in non-Catholic sects? Did I engage in superstitious practices: palm-reading, fortune telling, etc.?

► Did I take the name of God in vain? Did I curse, or take a false oath?

► Did I miss Mass on Sundays or holy days of obligation through my own fault, without any serious reason? Did I keep fast and abstinence on the prescribed days?

► Did I disobey my parents and lawful superiors in important matters?

► Did I hate or quarrel with anyone, or desire revenge? Did I refuse to forgive? Did I hurt or cause to kill someone? Did I get drunk? Did I take illicit drugs? Did I consent to, recommend, advise or actively take part in an abortion?

► Did I willfully look at indecent pictures or watch immoral movies? Did I read immoral books or magazines? Did I engage in impure jokes or conversations? Did I willfully entertain impure thoughts or feelings? Did I commit impure acts, alone or with others? Did I take contraceptive or abortifacient pills or use other artificial means to prevent conception? Was I unfaithful to my spouse? Did I engage in sexual activity outside of marriage? Did I get married outside of the Catholic Church?

► Did I steal or damage another’s property? If so, how much? Have I made reparation for the damages done? Have I been dishonest in my business relations?

► Did I tell lies? Did I sin by calumny (i.e., hurting others’ reputation by lying about them) or by detraction (i.e., telling the unknown grave faults of others without necessity)? Did I judge others rashly in serious matters? Have I tried to make restitution for the bad reputation I caused?