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"Jesus said to his disciples: 'Be watchful! Be alert!'" (Mk 13:33)

St. Anne Work Day is Saturday, June 10

*If you cannot be here at 8:00 a.m., come when you are available. 
We will update the list throughout the week.
Outside Work: 
Tree  trimming, clean up, hauling of debris, branches, etc., to Timber Industries.
Module gutter repair, gutter removal, and fascia & soffit repair.
Install 1" mesh on outside of boiler room shutters.
Replace rope on flag pole.
Inside Work:
Replace kitchen cabinet drawer brackets, 4 sets.
Repair boiler room door hinge mount.
Lubricate wheels on tables in Father Callahan room.
Remove old TV mounts in Pre-K room.
Clean out hazardous materials cabinet in garage, sort contents and mark for appropriate disposal.
Remove switch for outdoor light at end of east hallway. Install new cover plate.
Replace fluorescent ballast in ceiling light in Father Callahan room.